Delhi is one of the places that see a lot of weddings and by a lot, we mean more than a hundred thousand weddings a year. Not only the people who live here but also many celebs believe that Delhi is one of the best places to get married., Delhi also has one of the best markets from where you can shop for your wedding.

 A customary wedding photographer would take photos of the bride and groom of the hour alongside the family yet there are a couple of angles that get passed up a great opportunity when the photographer doesn’t have that X factor. Be that as it may, every one of those weaknesses become insignificant when you procure the best wedding photographer in Delhi. He is the person who ensures that each photograph of yours recounts to a story and the littlest of subtleties are having a significant effect. The best wedding photographer in Delhi can assist you with making the most out of your memorable moments by giving you the most delightful photograph collection that you can treasure with your friends and family and for a long time into the future. And we at Mashoor Studios are proud to say that we are one of the best and oldest wedding photography company in Delhi.

Some of the services that we provide in Delhi are:

1. Candid Wedding Photography –

Candid wedding photography is the type of photography in which the subject is not aware of being clicked. Unlike traditional photography, candid photography is about clicking the most random and candid moments where the subject is busy with something like laughing, having fun, walking down the aisle or something similar. In traditional photography, a wedding photographer in Delhi specifically asks the subject to pose whereas candid is about capturing the raw moments.

In candid wedding photography, weight is given to emotions. So, you would not be just capturing a photo but a story and all the emotion with it. This makes those moments even memorable and you can relive those moments again and again. Candid Photography is earning a lot of recognition in the wedding photography industry. So, you can always go for the best Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi who specializes in candid photography.

2. Pre Wedding Photography –

Weddings are the kind of events that bring people together to celebrate the story of the love of a couple. But the fact that there are so many people around, makes it impossible for the couple to have an alone time where they can get themselves clicked and create some good memories. That has been made possible by Pre wedding photography. 

Pre wedding photographer in Delhi is hired days or months before the wedding and that is when the photo shoot takes place. It is more about capturing the best intimate moments and also give the couple a chance to get to know each other more and also the photographer. The theme, location and everything else is pre-decided which makes it a smooth photo shoot even. Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi makes sure that you get the best out of your experience. While hiring the top wedding photographer in Delhi, make sure that he/she is good with pre wedding photography. This can also give the photographer some time to come up with amazing ideas for your wedding. As the name suggests, destination wedding photography is about getting the wedding photo shoot done at certain locations.

3. Wedding Cinematography –

Often people only care for wedding photography, but what they also should acknowledge is Wedding Cinematography. People might mistake it for wedding videography. But they both are two very different things. The videos that we see of our parent’s weddings are an example of Wedding Videography. It is a more casual and boring approach to covering a wedding. This has been out of trend for some time now and what has taken its place is Wedding Cinematography. A usual Wedding Video is in 16:9 aspect ratio and is very plain looking, but when we talk about Wedding Cinematography, these videos make your wedding look like a scene out of a Bollywood Film. This video is shot with the aspect ratio of 18:9 or 21:9 aspect ratios which gives it its major cinematic feel. There is also a lot of editing involved and some of the cameras that are used to shoot these are Red Dragon and Black Magic. So if we have got you on board to get a cinematic video for your wedding then we can provide you with a fine Wedding Cinematographer in Delhi.

4. Drone Photography –

Drone wedding photography is the enhancement in the field of wedding photography industry. The Wedding Photographers in Delhi use drones to capture the wedding moments or shoot the videos with the help of drone. These wedding photographers in Delhi are experts in operating a machine smoothly and create impressive results.

5. Traditional Wedding Photography –

Many people wants a traditional yet modern touch in their wedding. In the traditional wedding photography the bride, groom and relatives are meant to be posy formal for the pictures. This type of photography has its own aura, hence the best wedding photographer in Delhi keeps it simple and create a perfect wedding album.

Things To Avoid While Choosing Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi –

1. Don’t employ anyone just because they’re a relative or family member-Delhi weddings are messy and if the supposed wedding photographer isn’t a professional with relevant industry experience, they could end up screwing the entire wedding. 

2. Today reading reviews is the common trend among people , don’t book only by the best wedding photographers in Delhi – wedding photography trends have undergone many late changes. Traditional photography and videography simply no longer cut it. That’s why it’s important to look at the website, portfolio. For all the vendors they claim that they have in house team of wedding photographers and videographers, but it is next to impossible to have in house team at all function at seasons time. Due to huge market large bunch of freelancers are used to capture the event because of heavy rush and since the industry in seasonal studios make money only in 4 month of entire year. So beware of false promises, get your dream wedding capture only if you like the work of studios. Most of the reviews are fake across platforms. 

3. Don’t wait until the last minute to end-Delhi weddings are pretty high and wedding seasons come every day with a bunch of weddings! Book in advance to make sure you don’t end up getting a photographer. Wedding photographers in Delhi are booked months in advance so start this phase early.

4. Do not follow trends blindly- Trends are coming and going, but pictures of timeliness remain with you forever. Also, with heavy filters and untrue touch-ups, who wants to remember the wedding day? It is always better to avoid heavily edited or retouched photos. Natural is the best, so choose a wedding photographer in Delhi who promises to be as realistic as possible.

Why Choose Mashoor Studios for The Best Wedding Photography in Delhi?

Finding a wedding photographer in Delhi is no easy task. Whether it is for a pre wedding shoot, your bridal photos, candid wedding photography or traditional photography Mashoor Studios has all sorted for this. Choosing from best wedding photographers, see their wedding pictures in their portfolio, filter by price and reviews to hire the best photographers for your Delhi wedding. Your engagement pictures and wedding photos need to be preserved, so make sure that one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi is hired your grand wedding instead of choosing anyone. 

Whether it is an international, destination or national wedding, we can find the best wedding photographer in Delhi who can give you the kind of services you need Since you are looking from the best wedding photographer in Delhi, we would like to tell you that we, At Mashoor Studios have much experience in serving a number of different clients who are now part of family. We have made memories for them that can be cherished by the generations to come. For us, every client matters and we find the best possible ways to capture their wedding so that every photograph from the wedding album brings a smile on their face. So, while looking for the best wedding photographer in Delhi, consider our service and we will do our best to give you the kind of wedding album that you had always dreamt of. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as the best wedding photographer in Delhi for your wedding. We promise to deliver you the raw data of your wedding on next day itself to choose your best photographs that can be assemble in your wedding album. We promise to hand over you your album within 10 days of your selection and approval.

1. We have a knowledgeable and skillful team of editors (photos and Videos) , photographer, videographers and cinematographers, who are passion-driven and are the best at what they do.

2. We use nothing but the Latest Technology when it comes to shooting for our clients, We use High-Resolution Cameras and High-Speed cameras that automatically brings life to the pictures that we take of your special day.

3. We have been in the industry for long and we understand why wedding photography for a couple holds a great significance as it is the only solid proof of their marriage. They want their Wedding Album to be special as they want to show it to the world, Hence we give our heart and soul to capture their wedding and don’t miss even a single moment of joy and happiness.

4. We have been covering weddings for many years and know when is the perfect moment to capture the best shot of your precious moments.

5. We capture all kind of weddings ,  be it budgeted, premium, luxury or destination we always try to fit in your wedding photography budget.

So if you are a couple who is looking for the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi then we here at Mashoor Studios are the perfect choice for you.